Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Men raping women and at times even hurting them as a matter of course, if not actually killing them. There are even gang rapes when a woman is voraciously violated by several men or but teenagers one after another. This is not to mention fathers raping their young girl children. And more recently, there was that infamous group of vicious and odious men who not only kidnapped and gang raped a young little helpless girl, but also thereafter murdered her, put her in a suitcase and simply threw her away nearby.

The really sad and pitiful truth is that the all kinds of conceivable rapes are on the rise in both number and gravity. In effect, they might not be news anymore—except for those whose lives revolve around the human flesh and who continuously salivate for sex. In other words, rapes and other violations of women and girl children in the country appear to be already beyond the reach of law, outside the capability of the judicial branch of government and consequent penal system. And this is a both a distressing and disturbing phenomenon.

To call these horrible and abominable individuals as “animals” is in effect a big offense to and desecration of real animals. Non-rational as they are, brute animals do not really rape other animals, much less do adult male animals sexually violate their young little and helpless female offspring. What then should these practically inhuman rapists be called? Or how should they be described and punished?

Even with much kindness and consideration, it has to be said that those brute and cruel rapists must be sick in the head. No matter what nomenclature psychiatry uses to qualify them, it would be difficult to consider them as normal individuals, to count them among the ordinary members of families and of society, to treat them with the usual deference to human dignity.

They should be pursued resolutely, prosecuted accordingly and placed behind bars securely. They constitute a great danger to humanity in general, and a constant threat to women and girl children in particular to their own young daughters even, if any. Unless they are mentally disturbed by blood affinity, they must have been emotionally impaired by dysfunctional family environ. But this is no excuse—even if they are legally declared insane. But be it what it may, it is both wrong and false to call them “animals” simply because real animals are much better than these individuals.

12 September 2007