Wednesday, August 08, 2007

reform the tax law

The injunction for both Houses of Congress to “Reform the tax law” seems to have been officially given on the occasion of the last glorious and glorified State of the Nation Address (SONA). In the event that such is really the marching orders given to the Legislative Branch of Government by the Supreme Executive in the land, then such can only mean any or all of the following both disturbing considerations.

One, when this present administration wants the Tax Law reformed, it is only for the fools and silly to even think that the intent is to lower direct and indirect taxes reluctantly and infallibly paid by the financially able and unable citizens, respectively. It only and categorically means that all taxes of all kinds should be increased by all means.

Two, the government is bankrupt. Prior to the May elections, the national leadership openly and proudly said that in the matter of finance, the country was safe and sound. But after the elections, the economic scenery of the Philippines is no longer that shinny or rosy. It does not take much learning or wisdom to conclude that someone was lying as usual and/or buying voters as expected.

Three, the leadership super-vision of super-regions with super-infrastructures eventually means super-taxation. And the super amount of money needed by the super-visionary can only come from even the super-poor in this country. It is atrocious—to say the least—when one’s big ego-trip has to be financed by everybody already striped of their own ego according to the intrinsic dignity as human persons.

The “reform the tax law” imperative is in fact already being hurriedly and faithfully complied with by any government agency that is privileged in so doing. It is enough to cite the no less than a whooping 2,600% tax increase suddenly and actually dictated by the BIR on bus, taxi and even jeepney operators. If this out of the blue and out of tune taxation imperative were observed, who else but the riding public in fact will pay it. Lately, it was even reported that the BIR has been going even to barely existing small private schools with the intent of squeezing taxes therefrom. It is not enough that the government does not help them with the taxes they collect from the general public. It is even intent in taxing again the parents of the students. Gross!

8 August 2007