Friday, August 24, 2007

psychological incapacity

It is an open secret that practically all marriages “annulled” by the government forward the ground of “Psychological incapacity” on the part of either or both spouses. It is also quite known that especially so in these “annulment” cases, the best lawyers are not those who know the law but those acquainted with the fiscal and judge concerned. All these however notwithstanding , it might serve not only the truth but also the awareness of the general public what “Psychological Incapacity” really means and what actually implies when such ground is formally attributed and judicially proven as appended to a husband and/or wife.

For a start, it will be good to expressly and clearly say that “Psychological Incapacity” is a very serious accusation against someone with grave and lasting deleterious consequences in the latter’s dimension as a person, as an individual, and as a man or a woman. Woe to any husband/father or wife/mother who owns such an attitudinal and behavioral liability, or who accepts such a mental and affective disability—although such is not the honest and real truth. It is not only mean but also demeaning to the good name and reputation of anyone to be branded and known as someone afflicted by “Psychological Incapacity”.

Question: What really is “Psychological Incapacity”? The nomenclature itself already says something pitiful and irremediable, viz. an incapacitated human psyche. It is in fact a serious adversity of a personality constitution, the more immediate expressions of which range from ingrained immaturity and gross irresponsibility to deep emotional instability and marked lack of remorse—all of which cut deep into the meaning of being an adult.

Question: What are the actual consequences of “Psychological Incapacity”? A subject party who is psychologically incapable, is precisely that, viz., he or she is disabled in his or her psychological constructs from being someone sober, better, sounder. The party concerned neither listens to corrections nor learns from experience. Such a liability is usually the product of a downright personality disorder.

Questions: What is the cure of “Psychological Incapacity”? None. This is why is the summit of contradiction that someone proven psychologically incapable and given an “annulment” of his or her previous marriage, would be still allowed to enter into another marriage. This too is open to “annulment”—and so too with all his or her other subsequent marriages, one another.

24 August 2007