Thursday, August 02, 2007

the majority can be on the side of impropriety

While is necessary in a democratic society, partisan politics however is not always right. In the same way, the majority political party can be actually wrong in the event that it merely means numerical might—with utter disregard for propriety, decency and respectability. This is not hard to understand unless those concerned are devoid of conscience or deprived of right reason. This reality has now taken on a special relevance when no less than the highest executive in a country has command over a veritable dynasty of a family tripod in the Legislative Branch of the government.

This is not meant to question personal motives, neither to doubt individual qualifications nor to attribute any deliberate devious goal and pursuant moves to those thus concerned. This submission is only intended to emphasize the truth that the higher executive and legislative offices politicians have, the more they should be beyond suspicion—which, sad to say, appears to be exactly the opposite in this particular case. Rightly or wrongly, the national leadership still wallows in public disapproval, still remains in a negative satisfaction rating of many Filipinos. True or false, the constituent members of the dynasty tripod are not exactly exempted from the same adverse public perception.

Without judging its merit or otherwise, there appears to be a rather common and loud outcry against two recent acts by the pro-administration majority in the lower House of Congress. More specifically, this is about the attribution of no less than two chairmanship of signal committees with very critical national concerns to no less as well than two members of the dynastic tripod—with the third member having been given a lesser Committee legislative assignment. More concretely, this is about Committee leadership on the matter of energy and natural resources which have direct pertinence to certain nebulous agreements/contracts hurriedly entered into by the present administration.

There is the much doubted JPEPA. In addition, there is the well questioned BROADBAND contract. Furthermore, there is the very disturbing RP-CHINA agreement on about a million hectares of Philippine land for bio-fuel exploitation and other objectives. Recently, there was the debatable IPP issue on account of the projected energy crisis. There are and there will certainly be other sensitive legislative agenda in the Country about the always needed energy and its ever delicate natural resources.

The emergence of the dynasty tripod and their current convenient legislative Committee Chairmanships is not about any violation of the Constitution, much less does it go against any rule in the Lower House of Congress. It is about the seeming manifestation of insensitivity—disregard for elementary decency and propriety among precisely those who should know more and thereby act better. Woe to a Country whose political leaders so callous and blind to the demands even good conduct and right manners—even if they had no malicious intent, neither devious design, nor criminal purpose—especially so when they are not above suspicion.

2 August 2007