Monday, August 13, 2007

joke, joke, joke

The Government and PCSO officials concerned recently made certain affirmations that will readily qualify for inclusion in the sphere of the incredible or for entry in the Guinness Book of World Biggest Jokes. What they said presumably with straight faces, were not simply funny but downright offensive to people with but elementary knowledge. The said officials are high ranking and are wherefore presumed to be not only competent but also intelligent. But as the fish is caught by its mouth, their pronouncements betrayed either their vain attempt to justify gambling or pitiful ignorance of common realities.

Big Joke 1: It was claimed that the intended increase of lotto bets from 10 to 20 pesos could drive the public to indulge instead in illegal numbers games!

The truth is before and after the introduction of the government sponsored gambling of lotto, the illegal numbers games have been thriving well specially after 2001. To this date and time, jueteng and masiao are openly promoted and at times even boldly protected in many provinces. If the said government and PCSO officials do not know this public and standing fact, they are either much uninformed or they simply refuse to know the truth.

Big Joke 2: The 100% proposed increase in price tag of every lotto ticket was intended to increase PCSO revenues for its numerous charity works!

The reality is that the major portion of the PCSO gambling revenues goes to fund anything and everything—with but a pittance thereof going to works of charity. The best argument in proving this practice is the immediate attachment of PCSO—and of PAGCOR—to MalacaƱang which is certainly not a charitable agency.

Big Joke 3: PCSO said that it believed that the primary purpose or intention of lotto bettors was to help in its charitable works, and that the chance of winning was merely secondary.

This claim is tops in incredibility and super even to inanity. People gamble for charity! Gamblers have altruistic intentions! Gambling is motivated generosity! If this were really the case, then their biggest gamblers should be presented by PCSO and PAGCOR, as candidates for the Sainthood. The fact is that gambling stands for avarice and greed that make gamblers covet what they did not sweat for, what belongs to others.

The now on-going avid search of the present administration for money by all means and at any cost has but one fundamental rationale: It’s broke! This is why practically all government agencies are poised to raise fees and taxes. There is even one that wants to do this at the rate of 2,600%! It can be said that government allies are all out to ingratiate themselves to the national leadership by handling this more and more—at the expense of the people, of course.

13 August 2007