Friday, August 17, 2007

honesty, integrity, credibility

All year round and for so many years especially since 2001—so much graft and corruption. So many liars, cheaters and thieves in government. So much poverty and misery among the people. Power and wealth concentrated in the hands of oligarchs. Direct and indirect taxes infallibly paid by the poor and common tao. This is not to mention the still inseparable trio of perpetual garbage, occasional rains and consequent big floods. This is not even to point at the on-going war in Mindanao that causes destructions only to make reconstructions thereafter necessary.

On one hand, there are the ever on-going demolitions of houses built in private and public properties, under the bridges and at the sides of canals. On the other hand, there is the likewise the ever on-going search for the resettlement of the homeless. There are the ever growing criminality, illegal drug and gambling syndicates vis-à-vis the expected regular resolves and promises of the authorities concerned to do away with them. And there are the never ending repairs of poorly built roads usually done by continuously enriched contractors.

A poor dog running in circles trying to catch its own tail—this is a good picture of the Philippine government!

The present administration consistently spends more than what it rightfully earns, continues to fund its projects very much more than they really cost—while at the same time ridiculously attempting to balance the year after year national budget to no avail. This is one tiring story over and over lived by the people. There is never enough water to drink. There are the never ending price increases in fuel and energy. There is an ever-increasing cost of basic commodities and the infamous saga of the peso that costs more but—strange to say—buys less and less.

The technocrats and experts propose a good number of remedial measures to improve the national economy and the living standard of the general public. The academe and the professionals are not wanting in their own suggestions and recommendations to propel national development. Neither are the activists without their motions to promote human rights, to protect human lives, to achieve social justice.

What about a more basic approach to the pathological socio-political and economic problems of the Country, a more positive suggestion to those in tenure of political power and influence? Try honesty, integrity and credibility a change, in the exercise of their public offices! These are but elementary demands especially on the part of those who govern the nation, who run the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

As the saying goes: “First things first.” With honesty, integrity and credibility in the public sector, one could just imagine what a truly prosperous country the Philippines can become, what a really great people can the Filipinos be. Otherwise: Remember the poor dog running in circles trying to catch its own tail!

17 August 2007