Wednesday, August 01, 2007

flagship projects

It is a well publicized fact that the SONA this year generously focused and profusely pointed out one by one the presumably extensive achievements as well as the visionary projects of the national leadership. This is definitely decided and resolved to be as strong as desired in the exercise of power and influence so that no one and nothing would be allowed to stand against its grand super plan, programs and projects.

In other words, the same national executive officially and publicly said that it would in effect destroy and annihilate anyone who would dare attempt to be an impediment to its glorious and grandiose dream to make the Philippines a first country no less than twenty longer years after 2010. Never mind if 2030 is so distant in time and so uncertain in its bearing for the country that only false divinizers would dare predict how its national impact then—even if one has a doctoral degree and even carries a presidential title.

Sad but true, the degree and title holder sadly forgot—by accident or design—to proudly mention one of its admittedly huge achievements, one of its flagship projects. Much has already been done but much more is foreseen to be accomplished sooner than later. This flagship achievement and project is nothing else than the disposition and predilection of the national leadership to strengthen corporate gambling and to institutionalize syndicated illegal gambling.

Thus proudly stands PAGCOR with PCSO as a complementary partner with its LOTTO, EZ2 and STL all over the land. And there is JUETENG in Luzon and the Visayas, with MASIAO in Mindanao. As PAGCOR picks the pocket of the rich and powerful, JUETENG and MASIAO exploits the poor and the ignorant forever and ever. Amen

PAGCOR deserves special mention as a leadership favorite and wherefore a flagship project in terms of no less than a 20 million US dollars enviable Gambling City soon to rise in a choice land in Metro Manila. This is certainly a grand national achievement in the making. As such, the last SONA should have mentioned it with much gusto and pride.

1 August 31 2007