Monday, August 06, 2007

“Blaming Bossi”

It is not a secret that PDI has good editorials. But it is neither unknown that some of its editorials are better, with the rest thereof really the best. One of the best PDI editorials is precisely that one written on the occasion of the release of the now much loved Fr. Bossi—right after he was brought to Malacañang.

The editorial is very incisive, sensitive and most of all, true. It’s substance is the gross information callously passed on to him that in effect made him twice a victim—first by a separatist group and second by the Malacañang occupant. He spent a good number of years in the country proclaiming the Good News. He rendered long service to the simple and poor people of his little distant parish. He was rescued at the cost of the lives and limbs of brave soldiers. But lo and behold, he was bluntly told thereafter—and felt it accordingly—that he was in effect the cause of the soldiers’ great misfortune.

There is every reason to believe that the good Fr. Bossi has not only forgiven his kidnappers but also the supposedly intelligent and pious person in Malacañang who made him suffer even more. One thing is certain, the man of the hour then kept his faith in God, his love for Filipinos, and has hope in returning to the country to continue doing good.

But those who happen to read the editorial have much to ponder and wonder. How could someone who feels so exalted managed to put down someone so low and contrite!

These are certain: Fr. Bossi and the dead soldiers are all big winners. In a way, his kidnappers are winners too as they received the board and lodging fee. But someone in a big palace is a big loser in that big drama. What a pity!

6 July 2007