Wednesday, August 15, 2007

antisocial personality disorder

It is common knowledge among those who engage themselves in the judicial ministry of Ecclesiastical Matrimonial Tribunals that an Antisocial Personality Disorder on the side of either or both parties is a ground for marriage nullity declaration. Reason: They are not capable of complying with the grave and lasting obligations inherent to the Marriage Covenant. While better known before as “Sociopathic” personality constitution, someone with an Antisocial Personality Disorder as now identified by updated Psychiatry, has basically the same socially adverse attitudinal posture and behavioral pattern.

Among the more common manifestation of the disorder in the external forum are the following—in this order of enumeration by standard manuals of Psychiatry: 1st Failure to conform with establish social norms specially those with legal sanctions. 2nd Difficulty in telling the truth such that deceit is the usual recourse. 3rd Impulsivity in making decisions contrary to the dictates of basic prudence and ordinary caution. 4th Irresponsibility as a behavioral constant in complying with assumed obligations. 5th Lack of remorse providing the rationale of incorrigibility.

It was recently reported that a group of psychiatrists said that political positions could be “magnets for sociopaths”—or individuals with antisocial personality disorder. They seemed to have even added that candidates for political offices should have psychiatric clearance. Sad but true, this is the clear and public reality as far as certain notorious local and odious national politicians are concerned. The proposed pre-elections psychiatric clearance however could be vain and futile whereas such sick and sickening personalities could readily and successfully find a way to cheat and beat the proposed requirements. The group of psychiatrists concerned has done a great service to the general public in conjunction with a number of incumbent politicos.

The Filipinos wherefore should no longer wonder why they are burdened with by and large bad politics in the Country, why certain politicians are downright impediments to national socio-economic development, why there is a much felt culture of graft and corruption in government, and why some politicians can be anybody and anything but good examples to the Filipino youth. That group of upright and courageous psychiatrists already forwarded the fundamental reason for the unenviable misfortune of a good number of poor, hungry and sick Filipinos.

Time and again it has been said and continues to be affirmed that much more than having the right public agencies and proper organizational structures, more than the needed government corporations and form of government, it is the integrity, honesty and sincerity of the local and national public servants that really count. And the so called “Sociopaths” are the wrong—very wrong—persons to assume any public officials which is a public trust.

15 August 2007