Saturday, July 21, 2007

super task-force

It is both interesting and strange why a “State of the Nation Address” (SONA) requires much safeguard and the military in full force are being called upon to secure the occasion. People can expect the display of a good number of bullets and long guns to mention but a few of fearsome weaponry.

What is so dangerous about a SONA that it would require a super task-force? Could it be on account of the vision of super-regions followed up by the projection of super-maids? Surely, it cannot be on account of the melodrama of the “bankang papel” of both funny and pitiful memory.

The super task-force could neither be on account of the previous glorious promise of super-regions nor due to the subsequent inglorious spectacle of super-maids. Or should the people expect a terrifying SUPERSONA that would require the super-implementation of the Human Security Act?

In all probability it is not really the SONA itself but actually the SONA messenger that really needs all possible protective assistance and all available defensive force. It is not unlikely that it is the persona behind the SONA that has become the objective symbol of suspicion and rejection. And that is precisely a big pity for the country and its people.

The Philippines is not an irrelevant country in Asia, not an unimportant nation in the international community. In the same vein, its people represented by their national leader are entitled to hold their heads high before foreigners and in foreign countries. But this appears to be very difficult some years since.

It is under the incumbency of the present national leadership that a good number of Filipinos are humiliated by the following depressive and oppressive realities: poverty, hunger, sickness plus fast emerging lack of education opportunities. More than 800 extrajudicial killings and some 200 political disappearances—and still counting. Terrorism and criminality. First placer in corruption in Asia and eight placer in the world. Regular election mess. Continuous protest rallies and marches.

This is why many Filipinos are not happy with the Malacañang occupant. That is why the projected SONA is either another big joke or something disappointing, terrifying even. Hence, super task-force is in good order.

21 July 2007