Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SONA Warning

There is a known saying that being forewarned is being forearmed. The 2007 is a good warning of ominous things to come. What the SONA expressly and implicitly said are enough for those concerned to heed well—lest they be caught unaware and unprepared. There are some three distinct eventualities that the SONA surreptitiously forwarded and that should be even now already much noted.

The opening salvo that the Philippines will be a first world country in 2030 is signal and crystal in its implications. There are so many projects to finish and to start. There are so many plans to accomplish, so many programs to actualize. All these cannot be done in there years up to 2010. If they were not achieve before in some six long years since 2001, how could they be done in but three years from 2007!

The implication is obvious. The lead planner and head programmer should thus have many more years in office—up to 2030 if at all possible. Otherwise, the first world vision for the country would be just that—a quixotic vision. The conclusion is obvious: it was not a joke when someone supposed and expected to end governing by 2010, is in fact poised to run again for another office, another tenure.

Then there was the explicit and earnest plea for both houses of congress to reform the tax law! It would be the height of idiocy to presume that such an endorsed reformed tax law would be in order to lower direct and/or indirect taxes. The assumption akin to certitude is that sometimes soon, taxes will be in fact raised in any way, by all means, come what may.

So many airports to build, so many roads to make, so much infrastructure to put up, so much development to attend to. In fact, even guarding—protecting, defending—the MalacaƱang occupant is becoming more and more expensive. Who is targeted to pay for all these? Who else but the entire Filipino people—the rich and the poor, the children and the adults, the hungry and the sick included.

Lastly, there was that strong and continuous political undertones in the SONA. Together with all conceivable agenda in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, there were too many incumbent politicos from all over the land were meticulously named one by one—with proper admiration and gratitude—together with due applause for their self-elation.

It was in effect a roll call of many key political personalities from all the Philippine regions for the purpose of getting their desired support when already needed—such as in the event of a proposed charter change, in time of another campaign for leadership position come 2010. They are useful for getting votes.

What a SONA! By merely listening to it, one is transported to wonderland and beyond. But when thereafter thinking about it, one is brought back to the sad national realities—continuous killings, abductions and corruption, endemic lying, cheating and stealing, poverty, hunger and sickness (to mention a few)—brought about by none other than the visionary of a first world Philippines.

24 July 2007