Friday, July 20, 2007

SONA 2007

Once more—and hopefully the last— the country is about to watch the spectacle of another address on the glorious state of the nation with predictable assertions. There will be the usual fantastic claims of past achievements and standard quixotic predictions of future big socio-economic development all over the land. Both the alleged present and envisioned future state of the nation will be presented in impressive statistics and dramatic videos. In substance, however, it is the unbelievable SONA delivered by the same distrusted leadership heading the same discredited administration.

Millions of Filipinos will simply pay attention to their day to day work to earn a living. The SONA will come and go—either without them minding of it or without knowing it even. There will be however those who will watch and listen the SONA for different reasons.

There will be those who will follow the SONA because they still believe in the person who makes it and in what it says. These will definitely but a handful who are entitled to their conviction and pursuant stand. They will be the blessed few who still hope against hope that the SONA and its author really matters and possibly even matters much for the country in the next three years—or so and if at all.

There will be those who will attend the SONA because they have to, they are obliged to being close allies and/or as big beneficiaries of the present administration. They will look interested in it even but for appearance sake. They will clap their hands every now and then on cue as a matter of elementary courtesy. But whether they really believe or not in the SONA claims and predictions, only they know and can say—if they dare to.

There will be those who will follow the SONA because they want to know basically the pretensions and falsities in and behind it. Certainly, it will be a big sacrifice for them to watch and listen to the SONA. But they have to—especially in order to hear the words and see the gestures of the present Malacañang occupant. This watchful listening and observance might even tell them if the former is really bent in keeping Malacañang even after 2010.

And there are reasons to thus conclude. Remember the fearless forecast recently made by no less then the same Malacañang occupant that the Philippines will be a first world country after 20 years, i.e., in year 2030! Need more be said?

20 July 2007