Monday, July 02, 2007

reckless forecast

“RP a first world nation in 20 years.” Such was the intriguing caption of the fearless pitch of the present Malacañang occupant in order to attract Singaporean investments to the Philippines. The prediction was supposed to be premised on the dedication and expectation of the national leadership.

Even with all kindness and the best of intentions, the forecast is not only fearless but reckless. It challenges even elementary logic. How could someone foresee that far ahead when it is common knowledge that the reality is so far behind. The simple truth is that no one even really knows what will happen during the day. Yet there is someone who dares predict something so impressive in the future no less than 20 years later—when the present is so depressive. This is definitely something for the Guinness book of world records.

There are at least three conclusions that can be logically drawn from such a daring projection when even the one precisely making it is not certain that the same would still be alive 20 years from now. This is not being sarcastic but only realistic. There are reasons to conclude that the reckless forecast can mean any or all of the following.

It is a prophecy of someone who can be anything or anybody but a prophet. To prophesy is a distinct heavenly gift that certainly does not go with gross lying, cheating and stealing. In fact, it is very offensive to faith and morals to couple prophecy and flagrant socio-moral liabilities in one and the same agent.

Or it is a fantasy which is the plight of the imagination to cloud 9 or wishful world where one can stop the rains and the winds. The forecast is clearly in line with a fantastic mission and pursuant super-vision. While utterly devoid of reality, it is nevertheless big fun to indulge in wild fantasy.

Or it is a certainty that one will stay in command, in power and influence for the next 20 years—at least. To be on top of the wheels is addictive at times. Among other things, the presumption here akin to certitude is that the wheel does not rotate at all. Meantime someone on top thereof could feel immovable as well—with the leisure to make reckless forecast even 20 years after. Such a vain posturing is not only understandable but also entertaining.

July 2, 2007