Wednesday, July 04, 2007

blood all over the land

There are countries that already conquered spaced, reached the moon and are even ready to go farther. It is already the age of e-commerce and cyber-education. Science and technology have already made big advances and are still looking forward to greater discoveries. All these are but some of the realities that affirm human ingenuity and confirm the intrinsic value of the human person.

But in this country, it is not enough that human rights are violated and human dignity is degraded. The truth is that even human persons are used as labor export in exchange of dollar remittance to keep the country economically afloat. Worse is the lamentable fact that human persons are still readily dispatched to the beyond. human life remains cheap. Human blood is still spilled all over the land.

It is not enough that the young and the old are abducted and remain not found. There are the internationally infamous extrajudicial killings not to mention the downright political murders. The killings go on and the killers also simply go away. There are killings not only because of drugs and gambling. There are also killings even in the demolition of little houses and poor shanties. Meantime, what is usually done is simply to count the bodies found here and there.

The truth of the matter is when even human life is cheap in a country; there is nothing really precious in it—especially so as far as those in tenure of power and authority are concerned. When this ruling political class does not value human life, the conclusions are frightening.

They see people as mere materials for their personal gains, mere instruments for their egoistic ends. They view human persons simply in terms of their usefulness or uselessness to their political goals—and are thus accordingly kept or discarded. They look at population but as mouths to feed and bodies to house even as chattel to negotiate with.

All these simply prove the big hypocrisy behind the repeal of the death penalty law that goes hand-in-hand with the tolerance of downright murders given the technical nomenclature as “extrajudicial killings” an administration that devalues human life, devalues itself—thus asking for its own devaluation and eventual dissolution by the very people it is a curse to.

4 July 2007