Friday, July 06, 2007

bedol: handle with care

One of the inherent weaknesses of conspiracy is when one of the conspirators squeals their misdeed. When one of the collaborators “lets the cat out of the bag”, the consequence is disastrous to all concerned. They are all exposed to public censure. A collective silence is the underlying principle behind conspiratorial operations, such as the Mafia secrecy where everyone is under pain of quick death. There is much truth in the saying that there is honor among really big thieves.

In the same vein, it is understandable if Malacañang and its allied agencies are not only very patient with the man of the hour, Atty. Bedol, but are also rather careful in treating his reported blunder and handling this now renowned person. It is possible that he knows too much about the gross mis-elections in the country that is customarily anything but honest and credible.

As a Comelec Official, it is said that he might know well about the flagrant misconduct not only of the midterm 2007 elections but also that of the previous presidential 2004 elections. These have been long since considered markedly fraudulent by certain sectors of Philippine society.

In fact, after the said 2004 Presidential elections, no less than the CBCP issued a formal call for the “search for truth”. And the official call was done not only once or twice but thrice. On the three distinct occasions with similar words but in separate dates, the CBCP released the same substantial call thrice: the truth in the said elections, however, remains illusive and wherefore unknown to date.

The call was in line with the impeachment cases filed before the House of Representatives. Just as the search for truth is un-ended, so too, rests the fact that no impeachment case prospered. And there are reasons to believe that just as the CBCP call might remain unanswered, so too no case of impeachment would be entertained by the present congress.

Is it possible that Atty. Bedol is well acquainted not only with certain errancy in the last elections but also quire knowledgeable of the fraudulence in the previous elections? If so, then it is thus understandable that the present administration with its loyal agencies feel obliged to handle Atty. Bedol with care. Once mishandled, he might “spill the beans”. That would spell a truly big black eye to all those concerned.

6 July 2007