Friday, July 13, 2007


It is not easy to accept that in this civilized age of well advance science and much developed technology, there are still downright barbarians in this country. It actually has no reference to race, color and creed. Barbarism is in reality a sick mind frame and a sickening actuation pattern in civilization, no space in decent society, no reason for being.

It is not enough for them to kill people. They consider necessary to still decapitate them. They even felt the need to desecrate the bodies of their dead victims. This is inhumanity at its worst. This is barbarism at its best. Even people in the deep far jungles of distant parts of the word are already becoming gradually conscious of how they should relate with one another for their own good and their common welfare.

What was done to the Filipino soldiers by people living in the Philippines and benefiting from Philippine resources went beyond the area of understanding, the sphere of tolerance and patience. The atrocity rightfully demands the recourse and application of commutative justice. No. It is definitely not to answer barbarism with any equally barbaric move. This simply means that the government may not simply look the other way, make nice talks, shakes hands here and abroad.

It is neither enough to simply condemn the hideous incident and stop at that. This time, the demands of strict justice should be served by the pursuit of the perpetrators of a most hideous crime against the soldiers and by their pursuant punishment according to the gravity of their multiple capital misdeeds with gross inhuman elements. This is not vengeance but the basic demands of social order and national peace.

The most painful and pitiful impact of the barbarism in question has immediate and intense relevance to the families, the spouses and children of those thus massacred, mutilated and desecrated. They will bear the burden of this bloody and merciless atrocity all the years of their lives. And while it is not morally right, it however remains understandable that they bear anger and hatred, and may even want vengeance for their dear trampled-upon departed.

This disgusting and nauseating barbarism done against no less that 10 or even more Filipino soldiers serves as a grim reminder that there are individuals who look like people, pretend to be people. In reality, however, they belong to another species if not another planet as well. They have no right nor claim to be with people. Barbarians are a pre-historic species.

13 July 2007