Friday, June 15, 2007

sinking ship

Sad to say but real to behold, the present administration can be well likened to a sinking ship. The “Garci tapes” remain one big open political wound. The impeachment cases are considered a complementary unclosed moral dilemma—not mere a question of number of its ally politicos as these would want to think. The search for truth continues. The pursuit of justice remains. At the same time, the extrajudicial as well as downright political killings are not only unresolved but even continue to increase in number. Abductions are still a national reality. Offenses against human rights are committed as a matter of course. The Melo Commission report just as Alston findings remain but in paper.

No wonder that the same administration slowly but surely undermine its own integrity and sincerity. The over-all result of its socio-political demerits and consequent moral liability is its loss of credibility and moral ascendancy. Hopefully, it has learned the standing truth that it can fool some people some of the time—but not all the people all the time.

As of now, the administration has lost not only the support of the senate but also the sympathy of the Supreme Court. Even the lower House which is supposed to give it political support is markedly divided in the choice of its speaker. And there are rumors to the effect that its former majority leader could even eventually be abandoned by the national leadership for its failure to deliver the latter’s much desired charter change.

It is extremely difficult for someone addicted to power, influence and unlimited public funds would precisely begin to voluntarily in due time release its hold on all political backdrops and financial resources. This is always the sad and pitiful lot of key political figures who basically engaged in self-service than in altruistic service mandated the public office.

To err is but human. Mistakes are already expected from the natural weakness of human nature. But to deliberately lie, intentionally cheat and unconscionably steal to the misery and poverty, hunger and sickness of a big majority of the people—this is definitely something else than mere errors in judgments or simple mistakes in options. Such a trio is not only devious but also odious.

Human history is the able witness that anything precisely but temporal has an eventual ending—always even big and great kingdoms have gone or are going. Even dictators and demagogues ultimately go six feet below the ground. This is why it is both a big joke or a profound mystery how come anyone in tenure of political power and might but remains still human—and wherefore infallibly ages, becomes sick and eventually weakens—could even imagine that he or she could reign or rule forever and ever.

Even the Titanic sunk!

15 May 2007