Wednesday, June 20, 2007

people for the government

The present administration has successfully changed the consecrated democratic principle that the government is for the people. The reality is now precisely the other way around: the people are for the government. Sad but true—and dangerous.

The plain and simple proof for this detestable government mind-frame can be found in marked situational factors such as the following:

· The deliberate and shameful marketing of men and women for foreign labor. Reason: big dollar remittances to keep the Philippine economy afloat.
· The continuous and heavy taxation of the citizens from birth to death. Reason: sure government income to fund its own goals with basic political intentions.
· The pursuit and acquisition of local and foreign loans in furtherance of its own interests and concerns ultimately geared for its own survival

Meantime, it is the people who are programmed to pay the price for being considered as practical slaves of and for the government. It is not enough that they dutifully pay taxes and continuously send dollar remittances. They are furthermore expected to pay all government debts from whatever sources and for whatever purpose. The end result of this ever increasing debts is infallible, viz., not only the living but also the still unborn Filipinos cannot but do the paying for them.

The government is having all the fun in getting the money of the citizens and having greater fun in spending them at will. Meantime, it is the people of the Philippines who are destined to work and earn for their government—to pay for MalacaƱang celebrations, government bureaucrats, foreign travels of the national leadership and coterie, to say a few.

So what if a good number of people are poor, hungry and sick. It is of no consequence when many young people and children cannot afford to go to school. So what if extrajudicial killings and abductions, criminality and other social maladies have become the order of the day.

What is important and necessary is to keep the people continuously working for and faithfully serving their government, to make them unconditionally support and unceasingly praise the national leadership. Let them remember well the people are for the government!

20 June 2007