Friday, June 29, 2007

image perception, reality

The national leadership is some kind of an addict in self-image building. No persons are spared, no funds are enough. No holds barred. The avidly desired self–projection of dedication to public service, generosity for the common good and affection for the poor, constitutes its combined standing goal.

Its dedication to public service is in fact but self–service. Its generosity for the common good is in truth but using public funds and with ulterior motives at that. And its affection for the poor is a pitiful show infallibly accompanied by a host of media for the much desired public adulation.

But continuous and costly image building not withstanding, the general public perception of the national leadership is anything but acceptable, much less credible. Extensive hunger, intense dissent and even anger on the part of a good number of its constituents are the living reality altogether destroying the image built–if any. The revealing result of the last midterm elections for the senatorial positions is the best evidence of the non-credibility and non-acceptability of the present national leadership.

Lately, it was reported that the national leadership has called on no less than media practitioners to collaborate with its design to leave a “legacy” of apolitical administration, dedicated governance and economic development for the remaining three years of its supposedly glorious reign. This complete about face is good to hear but too hard to believe.

Would that mean that the people should simply forget its ignominious socio-moral liabilities and grave partisan political errancy for last six long years, thereby setting aside its distinct invention of the triad of lying-cheating-stealing?

Would that mean that the national leadership is altogether putting a stop to its aspiration for even a much longer political engagement and greed for power, and wherefore willingly give its immunity from suit?

Would that mean that for the next three years, the people are expected by the national leadership to live the image of the three monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing—and wherefore do nothing?

The national leadership is asking too much—especially considering that not a few media practitioners were victims of extrajudicial killings, making the country one of the most dangerous place for media people. And it has the gall to ask them for help and support. This is insensitivity par excellence.

29 June 2007