Wednesday, June 06, 2007

gambling incorporated money unlimited

To claim that PAGCOR does not give payolas in furtherance of its corporate gambling interests is so hard to believe and accept. For PAGCOR to claim that it is freely leaving its survival and operation to but the deliberate will of congress is too difficult to swallow and digest, in principle, gambling operators—be they legal or illegal characters—may stand for many things except, probably, integrity and honesty.

If PAGCOR and any gambling corporation for that matter were but providing its pitiful clientele with honest to goodness “game of chance”, how come real loss of money is not in its vocabulary, much less its eventual experience. In fact, PAGCOR readily predicts its ever increasing quarterly “profits” now to the tune of some six to seven billion.

In fact, PAGCOR has already publicly announced its glorious plan to build no less than a veritable gambling park to the tune of some US $20 billion. While the truth is that the plan appears to be still in paper, it is also the truth that it seems to be already engaged in looking for other corporate partners.

Further more, time and again there is the repeated revelation of loan sharks continuously present, able and willing to lend money to losing gamblers at a commonly know and accepted interest rate. They are fondly called “financiers”. They usually charge the preposterous amount of 20% daily interest payments. There are reasons to believe that they are convenient conduit for money laundering.

It is definitely not a secret that PAGCOR is directly under the office of Malaca┼łang with but staff functions. Among other things, neither is the national executive office known for saying the truth and promoting justice. The fact is that it has given birth to the often repeated trio of lying, cheating and stealing as its big liability.

Notwithstanding its many loud and repeated shouts of self-praise for its supposedly outstanding contributions to national progress, PAGCOR in effect stands as an outstanding representation of socio-moral retrogression. This is precisely why government officials—among other individuals—are supposedly not allowed to frequent casinos. Reason, these gambling places can readily be the breeding ground of corruption, the first ASIAN placer of which is the Philippines.

There must be many “miracles” awaiting discovery in PAGCOR operations!

6 June 2007