Monday, June 25, 2007


A disease is bad enough as it destroys ones health, eats up strength and possibility even cause the death. But a disease is much worse when it is also contagious. It does not only affect the sick but also infects those who come in direct or indirect contact therewith. Sad to say, this is precisely the case of the national leadership.

It is afflicted with the socio-moral disease of distrust, disdain and disrespect. That is why the repeated surveys done about its acceptability all gave it likewise repeated flunking grades. And that is why to this date and time, only its benefited allies sing the praises of their lead-benefactor. A good majority of the people, however, raise their fists and shout invectives instead.

The contagious disease of the national leadership thus impacted its candidates for no less than senatorial positions. The liability of the patron passed on to those patronized. That is why even someone accused of revolt and kept in prison with neither funds nor machinery, clearly won the elections. This is not to mention someone who campaigned for but some two months. And similarly accused and merely released on bail, also won the elections without question.

Recently, even the cabinet as a whole was graded with a negative satisfaction by an SWS survey. While some of its members are obviously detestable and odious without the need of any survey, a good number of the members of the cabinet are outstanding even at first glance. They are good and honorable public servants.

But sad to say, the whole cabinet failed in the appreciation and esteem of those surveyed for the purpose. This is but another manifestation of the contagious socio-moral malady of its over-all leader whose word is law, whose wishes are their command, and whose consistent negative approval rating is now precisely also theirs.

The “Hyatt Ten” comes to mind. They became so disgusted with the wayward posture and behavior of the national leadership. They thus left the latter’s cabinet at their own instance and immediately after so doing, they received the accolade and admiration of the people. They simply left the infectious embrace of MalacaƱang and they became not only free but also whole.

One wonders if by 2010, the national leadership could get out of the socio-moral mess it got itself into at its own doing. In fact, one wonders if by the same year, it would simply continue pursuing power such that it would get itself into an even worse socio-moral dilemma. And its everlasting victim would be the same, viz, the people of the Philippines.

25 June 2007