Friday, May 04, 2007

discredited, disrespected, disdained

There are times when the truth is not easy to say, much less pleasant to hear. But truth knows no party that is why it sets even partisan personalities free. The truth is that the incumbent MalacaƱang occupant is much discredited, disrespected and disdained by a good number of Filipinos.

Its claim to academic excellence, economic expertise plus super visions make good sound bites and press releases. But the realities of poverty and hunger, discontent and resentment in the country strongly evidence the contrary. It is not enough to believe and to glory in oneself. Down to earth upright and effective governance is what counts at the end of everyday.

This is why all surveys made by all entities established for this purpose and funded by all parties, the administration included, come up with the same conclusion: pro-administration national candidates are low rated just like the present administration itself. In plain language, as the administration is not acceptable, its candidates are likewise unacceptable to the general public.

In all probability, there are pro-administration candidates who have a claim to integrity and competence. Were they opposition candidates, people would probably cast their votes in their favor. But the mere fact of their association with the MalacaƱang occupant already spells their downfall in the May elections.

It is true after all the midterm elections are some kind of a referendum on the dignity or infamy of the national leadership. When this is burdened by big socio-moral liabilities such as gross lying, big cheating and much stealing—this infectious viruses make their transit to its allies. This is in line with the implication of one rotten tomato in a basketful of good tomatoes. This is also in the context of the so-called “kiss of death” given to others by someone wallowing in contempt drowning in scorn.

With their consistent pre-election popular acceptance, it would be a big challenge for the opposition if they in effect still lose the elections. This is their distinct and signal predicament when it is rather common perception that the administration would spare no money, no means, no one so that its allied candidates would win the elections.

While even before the electoral exercise there is already much display of the infamous triad of “guns, goons and gold”, one could only wonder what would happen during and after the elections. Heaven forbid that we then become uncivilized as a people and thereby unredeemable as a country!

May 4, 2007