Thursday, May 17, 2007

Certified Truth

Time and again it has been said that the past midterm elections were basically a referendum on the acceptance or rejection of the Malacanang occupant as a national political leader. Before and after the said elections, it stands out as a sore thumb that as far as the majority of the voters are concerned, the gradual but sure fall of the national leadership in disgrace is affirmed and confirmed.

All previous respectable surveys continuously said that the national opposition candidates for the senate were majority winners. All formal and informal exit polls said exactly the same thing—up with the opposition. Down with the pro-administration senatorial candidates.

All the unofficial quick vote counts also said the same—the opposition topped the administration senatorial bets. All the media quick counts likewise said the same—most of the opposition senatorial candidates have it with the pro-administration contenders lagged behind. In fact, the furthermore said exactly the same thing.

The more painful reality is that even an opposition senatorial candidate accused of rebellion against the administration and adamantly still held in prison, appears to be winning the elections. Even independent candidates for the senate are making it among twelve senatorial line-up. The signal and obvious conclusion of all these factors combined is one and the same, viz., Malacanang is fast losing its marbles, so to speak.

Now the big and real danger is if the so called “total and official count” made by the presumably still genuine constitutional entities concerned, suddenly and decidedly proclaim exactly the opposite of what all previous surveys, all exit polls, all media and other quick counts said and continue to say to these days.

Such a contradiction could instance a popular dissent, the ultimate result of which is anybody’s guess. Add hereto the still fresh wound caused by the “hello garci” tapes among many other scandals appended to the present administration. In effect, the expected opposition move after the total and official count is out, is the resumption of the impeachment case against the Malacanang occupant—irrespective of whether it prospers or otherwise. This is how tenuous the imagined glorious reign of the national leadership now stands.

17 May 2007