Tuesday, May 15, 2007

As the Filipinos wallow in Poverty, Hunger, Sickness

The last elections simply serve to prove one clear and imminent danger: The slow but sure erosion of democracy in this country. Democratic life cannot long co–xist with poverty, hunger and sickness. Such a pitiful situation does everything except make people free. And freedom is the centerpiece of democracy. Poverty, hunger and sickness are anti-thetical to a democratic way of living.

The well evident rampant vote buying usually in terms of noodles, canned goods and/or cash practically all over the land is but an effect of the dangerous national symptom of progressive poverty, hunger and sickness. The rampant vote buying was done not only in retail but also wholesale. Most of those who sell their votes in exchange of some pesos and/or few groceries are not bad people they are merely needy individuals with even needy families.

This is why the last elections somehow reversed the infamous triad of guns, goons and gold. Now gold is first, goons come second, and guns appear last. But they are still a threesome, still dangerous and mortal, still shameful and shameless. If people only had enough and if they were sufficiently schooled, then the said three Gs could be history in Philippine politics.

This is also why to these time, only the elite and moneyed families run for elective offices, readily invade the political arena, easy rule the country as a whole with their past and present generations. That is why the non-moneyed individuals have no place in Philippine politics. Their integrity and competence do not matter. Their commitment and dedication are of no consequence.

This is why the glorious pronouncements of economic progress repeatedly made by the national leadership are so far from reality. Its glowing press releases of national development are neither true nor factual. In like manner, any political candidate can dream many dreams. To dream is fun and free, but dreamland is the enemy of reality.

This is finally why even anti-administration political candidates in prison or under bail, get a good number of votes. Whether they eventually win or lose the elections. They are making a loud and clear statement: the national leadership is not acceptable, not credible, not respectable.

15 May 2007