Monday, April 23, 2007

population issue

A recent survey said that a rather big majority of its respondents favored the used of contraceptives. Their intention is to lessen the population in the country, their expectation is to have prosperity in the land. And immediately anti-population characters in the legislature and administration joined the pro-contraceptive choir.

Truth to say, this is a simplistic stance to population. Lesser population automatically means prosperity. Bigger population readily means poverty. This is the so called simple and plain “pie approach”. The more persons eat the pie, the lesser portion they have. The fewer people partake of the pie, the bigger pieces. This equation is not that hard to understand.

Even children are much aware of such a simplistic quantitative truth the more so do anti-population proponents know such a numerical approach. More people are definitely bad for the national economy. Less people are infallibly good for national socio-economic development. The equation is self-evident. The conclusion is elementary.


The people in this country are poor not simply because of their number but rather on account of the endemic graft and pervasive corruption in their government.

The government directly and/or indirectly taxes each one of the millions of Filipinos. Yet it has a dismal performance in promoting their common good in return.

The truth is, were it not for population of the country, the government would not be all well in keeping the national economy still somehow afloat through OFW remittances.

Population is not an impediment to prosperity but rather the engine of development. The obstacle to national development is found in corrupt government agencies; in grafters occupying public offices. Plus a basically incapable government that is rich in super visions but poor in reality performance.

As to the emerging popularity of contraception to readily and effectively lessen population instead of the common resolve to clean the government of graft and corruption, let it be said that what is easy is not necessarily right just as what is difficult is not automatically wrong. Contraception is but a smoke screen in squarely looking at and really resolving the poverty in the country.

23 April 2007