Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Even the good book says that marriage is a partnership between the spouses. To these days and times, a husband and wife are partners. Only thus do they become an integral. Without the other one remains but a part, making partnership a non-reality.

Husband and wife are partners in good and bad times, in abundance and in want, in sickness and in health—until death does them part. This is real conjugal partnership whereby spouses think and act, plan and work as a team one depends and counts on the other. One without the other thus feels lost though not necessarily lonely.

The husband and wife partnership works the better the more they both depend and count on one another and this is true whether the partnership is for good or evil, for virtue or vice. Human history is not wanting in husbands and wives whose successes in bringing blessings or curses to others were primarily based on their tight partnership and close teamwork. Their tight although unsaid interdependence spells success in their plans, programs and projects—for their mutual benefit at least, irrespective of whether it means big gain or great losses of the part of others.

Philippine history once recorded a so called “conjugal dictatorship”—be this true or otherwise. This well known and often invoked arrangement between a husband and wife merely validates the reality of that truly close partnership between two spouses can and do bring about fame or infamy, honor or shame, admiration or disdain to themselves in particular.

And whereas the good book itself affirms the standing truth that everybody and everything in the here and now world, infallibly comes to an end, so too does spousal partnership no matter how strong, dependable and effective this be. To put it more bluntly, just as every man and woman have their birth that ultimately ends in their death, so too when they form a conjugal partnership—this too has its eventual end.

This signal question is what happens next after a conjugal partnership has become weak and undependable if not actually dissolved in its mortal dimension. It would not be really that hard to answer this meantime academic question if the respondent would but have reality and truth in mind—with good will to all, with malice towards none.

18 April 2007