Wednesday, April 25, 2007

PAGCOR gambit

The country excels in the violation human rights to the extent of continually killing people who dare question twisted government policies and challenge sick national practices, people who dare tell the truth about the socio-moral errancies in public offices. The nation is well divided in both political and ideological principles. The people are becoming more and more poor, hungry and sick. To date, the Philippines is even the holder of the odious and shameful title of the most corrupt country in the whole Asian continent.

There is much crime in the streets. Prohibited drugs are becoming more abundant and available for adults and young people alike. Numerous women and children become objects of exploitation. There is dire lack of decent work in the country. The administration is much distrusted and thereby disrespected. The forthcoming elections are looked upon with fear and reservation instead of the optimism it should generate as an the affirmation of democracy.

Lo and behold the deviate response of the government to so many and serious national problems: Put up a PAGCOR US $20 billion dream project! Are people hungry and sick? Make them gamble! Are killers, criminals and thieves on the loose? Make them go to casinos! Are there too many grafters in government and corrupt public officials? PAGCOR welcomes them all with wide open arms.

The pervasive existence, the enhanced operations plus the projected multi-billion peso “PAGCOR’s Las Vegas Dream” only spell and mean one and the same reality: the government is morally bankrupt. For the present administration, big corporate gambling becomes a big national pride. This is why the national leadership has no claim to moral ascendancy of any kind, in any degree.

How much of PAGCOR’s take from its gambling clients goes to whom and what for? Is it true that according to PAGCOR insiders themselves, recently no less than an 8 million peso check was handed to a boxer as a presidential gift for purposes of his political campaign? All the while, PAGCOR repeatedly and loudly professes its noble and everlasting commitment to uplift the poor, to fund charitable works, to promote human development.

One thing is certain: it is so hard to perpetuate lies, to sell fantasies, to promote deceit, sooner or later the truth comes out. In due time, liars, cheaters and thieves are exposed and vanished. This is the standing lesson of living historical present. People eventually find the way of getting rid of their exploiters and oppressors. Time ultimately incapacitates and subsequently terminates even a most pretentious potentate, an odious filthy rich individual.

25 April 2007