Tuesday, April 10, 2007


On the occasion of the last holy week, there must have surfaced certain individuals whose real origin and eventual finality of their creed of belief are but their own ego—which is a sad reality of long standing in Christendom. They have a God fashioned to their own liking. They follow commandments according to their own thinking. They themselves decide what is right or wrong, what is virtue or vice.

No. they are neither non-believers nor non-conformists. In fact they frequent churches and even observe religious practices. In fact, externally they even appear as devout and pious individuals. Interiorly however, it is but their own ego that dictates what to believe and what to do—or otherwise.

That is why they feel good and remain at peace by forgiving themselves, by judging their own acts. Thereafter, they look at their persons as definitely superior to others, as the best person for others to the extent that they sincerely consider themselves as God’s gift to humanity. Paradoxically, an ego creed is an honest and sincere self-deception.

Lying is of no consequence. Cheating is not an issue. Stealing is irrelevant. The ego creed simply forgives oneself, declares oneself not culpable, and wherefore free of any socio-moral liability. There is no need to tell the truth. It is neither necessary to rectify the dishonesty done, nor imperative to return what rightfully belongs to others.

In a way, it can be said: happy are those who have and nurture an ego-creed! They believe and feel they are over and above all standard ethical norms and elementary social mores. In effect, they really believe that they are set apart from everybody else as specially blessed and privileged individuals. That is why they are perplexed when they are distrusted, angry when others question them.

It is bad enough when an ego-creed is practiced by someone with family to serve and care for. It is worse when a community leader has an ego-creed which deviates his leadership. People could just imagine what they are bound to suffer when they are governed by someone with ego-creed of long standing.

The human psyche can either be a blessing or a curse for the person itself and/or for everybody else around him, as it can be nurtured by objective truth and reality. The human psyche can also be impaired by illusions of grandeur which are always unreal and wherefore always false as well. Would that all be spared from an ego-creed. It is mean and demeaning to have one.

10 April 2007