Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Message

The Lord is risen indeed!” (Lk 24:34)

It is not a secret that our country as a whole is undergoing its own long, sad and painful passion.

There is much poverty and sickness in the land. The vices of drug and gambling continue to even more impoverish a good number of Filipinos. Families are separated by the exodus of fathers and mothers to find work abroad. The Philippines is now first in the whole of Asia when it comes to graft and corruption. And at the top of all our social pains and tears, killings continue to increase in number as a matter of course—notwithstanding international censures.

And there is the forthcoming May 2007 Elections. Depending on how we act and behave as a people. The said supposedly democratic exercise can become a blessing or a curse for our dear country. While some people look at the elections with much optimism, there are not few Filipinos who harbor fear and apprehension about the lying, cheating and stealing that might accompany the said elections—as what happened in 2004 which continue to haunt and disturb us as a people.

But the truth of the matter is that all of us can make a difference if our country will simply continue undergoing its painful and shameful social passion—or we too as a people will rise just as Christ left his tomb and rose back to life in glory and triumph.

On the occasion of glorious resurrection of Christ from death to life, with ardent prayers and fervent please, allow me to invite each one of you to rise from self-pity to self-reliance, from simply blaming evil to actually doing good—and from allowing vicious individuals to rule our lives to eventually putting upright persons in public offices. By so doing, we have all the reason to say to one another: Happy Easter!

Easter 2007