Monday, April 30, 2007


There is good news for those who do not believe in marriage as provided by divine natural and positive law. Mexico City has just passed its version of a divorce law. While some people are rejoicing for this triumph of human weakness, humanity is crying for another assault against formal commitment, solemn promise and word of honor all expressed on the occasion of marriages.

The divorce law is accompanied by so many questions. Examples: how many divorces may one have? How many families could someone break? How many children would fathers and mothers be allowed to alienate from their loving and intimate care? How many alimony suits would an ex-husband and/or ex-wife be permitted to file before the courts. What mentality will a divorce law inculcate in the minds of young people?

At present the world is already in tenure of practically all conceivable means of destroying marriages, dissolving families, scrambling children. There are couples who may simply separate in fact. There are spouses who get marriage nullity, while others have annulment. And there is divorce as an added option.

To make life simpler, the time might come when the law should simply forbid marriage. This way, with no marriage, there could be no marriage to break, to void or annul before the civil courts. And divorce would become altogether irrelevant. There would be no question on legitimacy of children or otherwise, no issue on who supports whom, who pays what. With marriage forbidden, men and women relationship would be a free-for-all affair. This way, there would be neither concubinage nor adultery. Conjugal infidelity becomes a nonsense.

If forbidding marriage is ridiculous, if all the above are absurd, to get marriage and thereafter get divorce only to get married again—is no less a folly. It is in line with this funny thought that some men suggest marriage license with a given expiration date.

Fooling around with marriage is eventually undermining human dignity, demeaning marital relationship, devaluating conjugal life. This is not to mention denying children their right to integral parental love and care. The stability of marriages has much to contribute to the sound value system of individuals plus harmonious social interactions among families. Divorces do exactly the opposite.

30 April 2007