Monday, April 02, 2007


The on-going count and ominous counting say that now, there is nothing less than murder victim no. 838. The spate of unceremonious killings simply goes on as the administration continues with its many ceremonious denouncements. All the killings so far have strangely the same common denominators. One need not be paranoid to suspect that there is something wrong in the office of the commander-in-chief—even if only on the matter of the so called “extrajudicial killings” which in reality are plain murder victims.

  • They were all critical of the present government on account of its socio-moral liabilities.
  • Their relatives all say that the military had something to do with the killings.
  • Their killings continue inspite of all the promises of the national leadership to stop them.

The extraordinary assassinations are such number and notoriety that no less than a U.N. Repporteur and a U.S senate committee already called the attention of the Philippine government to stop them. One wonders why the killings simply continue and why the killers remain free. This is a phenomenon that challenges the imagination while simple logic demands even but an elementary explanation.

Time and again, there are increasing perceptions that the commander-in-chief has in effect gradually and effectively lost its command. The many and continuous killings that respect neither time nor place, seem to argue convincingly that the said commander is in effect under the command of those who have the force of gun power in the government.

It can be presumed that even if only to save face before the international community, the commander-in-chief could and would put an effective stop to the wanton killings. It is not beyond belief that specially during these election time-frame so critical to the administration, the national leadership as commander-in-chief, would not want the murders to continue multiplying—even if only to promote the pro-administration candidates for election.

But the count and counting simply continue for the reason alone, it seems not only possible but actually probable that the national leadership has in effect already lost the reality of its title as commander-in-chief. This is the case of a commander sadly and dangerously having no command—not withstanding all assumptions or presences to the contrary. This is bad—very bad—news!

April 2, 2007