Friday, March 23, 2007


Brought to distinct living existence by beneficial operative divine providence, imprinted with the sublime image of her creator God, endowed with the mysterious capacity to bring other human persons in the world of reality—this is woman! The whole humanity may not but respect and marvel at her. Love and care for her, protect and defend her against her violators and exploiters.

She is not merely valuable for her beauty and charm. She has very much more than her physical attributes and grace. She is in pacified and certified possession of her own human dignity and pursuant human rights. And she is definitely more than just a companion for man. To fill in his lack and complement his inadequacy.

She may be physically weak but definitely strong in will and spirit. She is delicate but resilient, tender yet wise and prudent. She seems to have a sixth sense that makes her know the unsaid and see in the beyond of the realities here and now. She definitely much more than she makes others see, notice and behold.

There must be something intrinsically evil and vicious in a world where man looks down on her, offends and even takes advantage of her. The truth is that society hurts and in effect undermines itself when it shamelessly considers women as but second class citizens. What is even more offensive is when people remain silent and still when men consider themselves not only superior to women. It is much worse when a man believes that he is equal to more than one woman.

The debasement of woman has its start when they are considered merely at face value. This is not only misleading but also gross perception. What is hidden in the persona of woman is definitely much more than what her external appearance conveys. A woman is categorically not an iota less than a man. Her humanhood is absolutely equal to that of any man. That is why machismo is in effect insecurity if not in fact downright falsely.

All the above affirmations of women are easy to make and promote. There is no need of any research and expertise. It is not even necessary to have recourse to distant anthropology or profound theology. There is strong and ample proof about the inherent greatness and gentleness and gentleness, marked tenderness and loveliness of women.

It is enough to think of one’s mother.

She is a woman!

23 March 2007