Thursday, March 22, 2007

poor philippines

There seems to be no end to the sad plight of this country under not only the worse but still worsening governance of the present administration. Never before in its history has its people been subjected to shame and disgrace before the international community.

It is not enough that the national leadership managed to champion graft and corruption in government. It is neither enough that it had made people hungry when in the country and practically slaves when working abroad for lack of local employment. It is not even contented by the spectacle of millions of children out of school, some 8 out of 10 sick people dying for lack of medicine, angry protesters marching in the streets crying for justice and truth.

The present administration even managed to achieve excellence in extrajudicial killings. Provided they cannot shallow its errant politics and erratic practices, no one in any group or profession, work or belief is certain of being spared from the bullets of merciless and suspected murderers. The deaths are counted and the counting does not stop.

The United Nations Special Rapportuer already called the attention of the administration in no uncertain words that the extrajudicial killings in the country are too many for comfort. Yet right after he left, the killings simply went on without remorse, without reserve.

The European Union also expressed its serious concern regarding the same killings which do not respect either time or place. What is certain is that blood is spilled all over the land, at any time, with no warning, much less any due cause.

The US Congress likewise signified its disgust and disdain for exactly the same killings in the Philippines. It noted with both curiosity and repugnance how come the administration proves inutile in stopping them.

One can only wonder what will be next. It is worth thinking if the present administration has the capacity and the will to protect the lives of the citizens or would it rather play God deciding who live and who die. The question is worth asking why is it that UN, the European Union and the US Congress are the ones concerned with the preservation of the Filipino live while the administration sees nothing wrong with their ignominious waste.

Poor Philippines!

22 March 2007