Monday, March 05, 2007

killing unlimited

Now its out in the open for the whole world to know, shudder and fear. The killings—murders, assassinations, executions—have become as a matter of course under the present administration. This fact has become well published not only locally but also internationally. Life has become cheap in this country. The strong advisories against it have become rather regular and loud.

As usual, the national leadership plays deaf and dumb to but local anti-death voice no matter how disgusting and frequent they are. Never mind the many and legitimate angry protestations coming from different responsible sectors of the Philippine society. But to maintain some kind of little and sweet image abroad, it gives some attention to admonitions made by foreign sources—especially so from Uncle Sam.

Stop the killings! It does not matter if they are called extrajudicial, political or unexplained. Stop them. Otherwise the forthcoming elections could be anything but peaceful, orderly and acceptable. Otherwise, the national leadership itself might be in big trouble. Otherwise the country as a whole might sink even deeper in misery and desperation about its already pitiful peace and order situation.

When a governing administration does not mind the wanton killings of persons, it becomes a moral futility to expect the same to honor human dignity and to protect human rights. And this is precisely the case of the present administration.

It wherefore looks at human persons basically as potential workers in foreign lands and good sources of dollar remittances to keep the country somehow still economically afloat. Women in particular are seen as domestics for foreign families so much so that there is no less than the presidential pronouncement to make them “super maids”.

Meanwhile, all the citizens remaining in the country are considered as sources of direct and indirect taxes. First, it was the VAT. Then it became the E-VAT. After the May 2007 elections, it is said that additional taxes are even now already being seriously contemplated.

Fast, sure and sudden killings are not enough. Everyone still alive in the country can sing with feeling and woe the song “killing me softly”—with taxes.

5 March 2007