Friday, March 16, 2007

the honasan and trillanes phenomenon

It is a common public perception that the midterm elections of May 2007 constitute some kind of an implicit but real referendum on the acceptability—or otherwise—of the incumbent national leadership. This means that the recognized and official result of the scheduled elections will be considered as the marked approval of the present administration—or the contrary.

In other words, if most of the pro-administration candidates for the senate and the lower house win in the forthcoming elections, this would be considered as a signal reality that majority of the voting Filipinos repose their acceptance of and respect for the Malacañang occupant. However, if most of the opposition and/or independent candidates emerge as the winners in the nearing electoral exercise, this is one big bad devastating news for an even dangerous message to the present administration.

Question: What if Mr. Honasan and/or Mr. Trillanes in effect win in the elections? Answer: this can be considered as a loud and clear statement that the national leadership is a gross failure, a disrespected figure. To think or say otherwise is over-stretching one’s imagination, transgressing sound reason and violating elementary logic.

Neither of the named two gentlemen has multi-million funds usually needed to run for national elective offices. Both of them to this writing are held in prison, forbidden to meet the public, see them and talk to people, and seek their votes. Neither of them have their own formal campaign machinery nor local support groups. Much less do they have enough campaign materials. Both of them have yet to have even but one TV advertisement.

With all of these restrains and constraints, what if one or both of them win the elections for the senatorial office? What if either or both of them defeat the pro-administration candidates with the all-out support of their Malacañang patroness, with all their money and manpower, their national and local oiled diehard political party?

If Mr. Honasan and/or Mr. Trillanes win the elections, this would be nothing less than the insolent and desolent statement ultimately directed against the national leadership. Translation: the Malacañang occupant is disregarded and disdained, rejected an repelled. What else could be said that makes sense?

16 March 2007