Wednesday, March 28, 2007

fights of fancy

One would fervently wish there is another way of saying it in deference to the glorious national leadership and in awe towards the enormous power of money and influence it wields. It would certainly be more comfortable to accord it with equally glorious affirmations based on down to earth clear and cold realities. But, such would be but delusional.

Not too long ago, the same leadership expressed its anger and disgust with the NPA in the country that has been in active existence for decades now. Reaction: last year, it reserved two billion pesos to exterminate the movement in two years. Result: the organized movement is even more operative this year practically all over the land.

Not too long ago either, the still same leadership verbalized its intention and resolve to do away with graft and corruption in government. Reaction: last year, it is set aside another two billion pesos to eradicate the social curse in government entities and among government officials. Result: the country this year was proclaimed as first in corruption all over Asia.

Recently, a survey revealed that there is in fact more hunger in the country than ever before after the Japanese regime. Reactions: the exactly same leadership fondly declared that it is decided to vanish that hunger “in six months”. Before this, still the very fanciful statements: first, that the poverty in the country is caused by the opposition, second, the people are already well off only do not know it. Third, luxurious living, too much texting and the like are what make people hungry—topped by the finale that she too misses meals!

Something must be extraordinarily effective and admirable with governance of the present administration—or significantly strange and fanciful like Alice in wonderland. No wonder that the country is made afloat with imaginations and thrown to hunger and fear in reality. That is why not a few wonder when would be the wake-up time for the national leadership and thank-you time by the people.

There is one very unsolicited yet truly realistic advice: would that glorious visions and super predictions be somehow preceded with even but more gratifying realities that even the common people can perceive.

Enough of flights of fancy!

28 March 2007