Tuesday, March 13, 2007

basic qualification of a political candidate

There is a saying that it is always good to have the right person for the right job. This ascertains not only a job well done but also a person much satisfied. In addition, the good work infallibly benefits everybody else in whose favor the work is precisely done.

The present administration is not exactly known for truthfulness. Neither would it readily get any medal for honesty. Much less it is acknowledged for sincerity. In fact, the opposite is true. It has acquired notoriety for graft and corruption, for grandiosity without substance, for complacency divorced from reality.

These moral liabilities and socio-political atrocities are what define the individuals who are resolved to come to the assistance of the exploited citizentry by pursuing elective public offices. The pitiful situation of poverty, hunger and sickness—not to mention injustice, criminality and wanton killings—beleaguering this nation clearly indicates the attributes that must adorn the persons of those aspiring for national or local elective positions on the occasion of the May 2007 mid-term elections.

Many organizations and movements have come up with their desired qualifications that voters should look for in the candidates. The proposed qualifications are by and large not only right but also relevant. At times though they either are too many, too generic if not too restrictive.

For all realistic intents and practical purposes, there is a key qualifying triad that sufficiently defines the presently needed legislative and executive candidates for elections and who thus rightfully deserve the votes of the people. The triad: integrity. Capacity. Winnability.

The country is crying out loud for morally principled and upright public officials. It is yearning for truly talented and able public servants. Finally, in the spirit of realism, they should be sufficiently known and appreciated enough to get elected into office.

With malice towards none, with good will towards all, the qualifying triad of integrity, capacity and winnability is in fact found in most if not all of the senatorial candidates of the coalesced opposition. With them elected into office, there would be still hope for this country. Otherwise, it has no way to go further down—if this is still possible.

13 March 2007