Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Killing Rampage

The task force “USIG” is of no consequence. The MELO Commission does not matter. The UN Rapporteur may be good to have. But the killing rampage goes on just the same. The only criterion to be killed with stealth and certainty is not to be pro-administration. This is a very dangerous country for individuals who abhor lying, cheating and stealing by public officials supposedly holding public trust.

The who, when and how do not matter. The only proviso is that those who are marked as decidedly and effectively anti-administration are eventually eliminated from the face of the earth. Leaders of progressive groups. Truthful media practitioners. Straight professionals. Poor and hungry farmers. Churchmen and their followers. When marked for termination, their blood is spilled, their lives are needed.

The abolition of death penalty in the country was hailed the world over. But killing still goes on. So many killings, yet no killer placed behind bars. So many investigations, yet its finding are kept secret from the public. Not only is the MAYUGA report kept under wraps. Not only is the MELO Commission report withheld from media. Even the doings of Cabinet members should be kept secret as designed by the national leadership. People cannot but be reminded of the odious martial law regime.

Strangely, the killings during the present administration are called “extrajudicial”. Why? Is there any “Judicial” killing? Does the judicial branch of government still pronounce death sentences? Does the government intend to bring back the death penalty that would stand for “judicial” killing?

Since the incumbency of the present national leadership, the most conservative estimate of the number of killing here and there is almost 300. Other NGO offices have a count of more than 700. But be what it may, the killings go on now and then, and the counting also goes on as well. When will the killings stop? It is not only dangerous but probably also fatal to answer this question—lest the respondents be killed too thereafter!

When no less than human lives are laid to waste at the foot of the administration, then this has no real reason to promote human dignity, to protect human rights. And this is precisely the ominous phenomenon closely accompanying the national leadership with its triumphant pronouncements that find no basis in the real Philippines.

Immediately wanted: truthful, honest and upright leaders!

21 FEBRUARY 2007