Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ceremonial prosecution and symbolic conviction

The relatives, friends and supporters of those killed all say that certain military men and some police authorities were the murderers. The Melo Commission report also says that the executions were perpetrated by the same individuals. The UN special rapporteur likewise concludes that the assassinations were done exactly by the same people.

As expected those pointed out as the persons behind the so called “extrajudicial killings”, loudly and flatly denied the accusation in unison. It is true that ideology in fact kills as it did to some of those thus eliminated. It is nevertheless also true that the people concerned plus the Melo Commission plus the UN special rapprteur all say something more.

“Disastrous”, “dangerous”, “distressing”—these are some of the disturbing words that are frequently used by no less than tri-media to describe the present situation in the country. And it has concrete reference to the time frame of the glorious reign of the present administration.

All the above serious socio-moral national stigma notwithstanding, there are certain events that can be readily predicted in official response to this shameful or shameless phenomenon in the country:

  • The “extrajudicial killing” will simply go on such that the counting of those killed will merely continue as a matter of course for statistics purpose.
  • The administration will undertake a ceremonial prosecution of one or so of those accused, and proceed with a symbolic conviction also of one or so of the same.
  • The stoppage of the killings and the search for justice for those killed will have to wait for the eventual coming of a new administration.

The killing of people is the summit of social disorder. And the continuous killing of people in the country forwards a chilling thought. This: the Commander-In-Chief has in effect lost the command. Correct salutes, deferential bows and endearing words continue to be proffered to the office holder. But there are indications the commander could have become a follower instead.

In truth – this is very bad news!

28 February 2007