Friday, January 19, 2007

uncertain times

There are so many issues and voices raised against the government, so many organizations and movements formed that are anything but pro-administration. So many advisories and demands for the incumbent national leadership to go, to leave, to quit. These are certainly uncertain times.

No one really knows how many more people will be killed next for whatever reason, where will the next bombs explode, what will be the next gross graft and corruption exposed involving supposedly honorable past and present public figures. How long can this unstable national situation last? Can the nation survive with the unending assaults of deceit, poverty and injustice? Will the people continue standing still merely looking and listening?

The signs of the times are definitely not hopeful, much less confronting. The rhetorics of the administration on the matter of national economy are heavenly while most of the population wallows in the mire of poverty and misery. The economic predictions of the national leadership are not only glorious but super as always. Yet, everyday thousands of Filipinos leave the country just to find work abroad of whatever kind. Yet, there are still individuals who sell their kidneys to make some money.

This is not to mention the continuous blood letting among Filipinos themselves in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. The NPA is still around. The MNLF continues to make its presence well felt. The terrorists appear to multiply, the criminals are neither becoming less in number and cruelty

And there is the ominous forthcoming May 2007 elections for local and national public offices. The COMELEC is the same. The political dynasties are the same. The use of guns, the employ of goons and the vote buying will be the same as well. And as always, there is the wishful thinking that there would be then no cheating, lying and killing.

There is however one standing truth that reality and history repeatedly prove: as all big destructive storms eventually end with calm and the rising of the sun, so too even the most powerful liars and most influential thieves will finally succumb to what is true, right and just.

When? In God’s time and in man’s proper move! According to God’s design and man’s resolve! Uncertain times are made certain by time itself.

January 19, 2007