Friday, January 12, 2007

jueteng and elections

It is an open secret that elections in this country are anything but altogether honest, orderly and peaceful. The truth is that event months before the May 2007 elections, there have been already some downright assasinations. This is not to mention the recorded big increase of gun sales plus the reported reactivation of many private armies.

In fact, considering the election history of the country, it is both vacuous and vain to still ask the many self- proclaimed prophets of doom, all of whom are practically saying that a good amount of fears and pains shall accompany the midterm political exercise. They tell their listeners to prepare themselves for the sound of guns, the flow of blood, the sprawl of bodies.

It seems however that the local divinizers still have to be heard on the customary lying, cheating and stealing that accompany the election process from the local to the national levels. More concretely speaking, they seem to miss pointing out three distinct factors that has a big contribution in running the elections in this country.

Jueteng operators. Jueteng payolas. Jueteng beneficiaries. This infamous triad contributes much in impacting the election process and in impairing the elections results. Jueteng operators are worshipped by many politicians. Jueteng payolas make certain political candidates salivate. Jueteng beneficiaries have a big in winning the elections.

Jueteng money bribe some election officials, pay for campaign expenses, buy votes for sale. Jueteng money takes away votes from honest and upright candidates, and credits votes in favor of corrupt and corrupting pretenders for public office. Jueteng money thus throws good and worthy candidates out of the possibility of holding public offices as a public trusts.

The krusadang bayan laban sa jueteng has no option but to join its little voice and small man-power in the loud clamor for the election of honest and able candidates. Whereas jueteng has been long used to favor pro-jueteng candidates, it is about time that the jueteng issued be also used precisely against them. It is not enough that these individuals are already well known by the general public. It is necessary for the anti-jueteng crusade to have them well marked --identifying at the same time those who are anti-jueteng and who are fit for the tenure of public offices.

12 January 2007