Monday, January 08, 2007

getting more curious

First, there was the loud proclamation that someone was not running for office. People hailed the option was not only wise but also right. To hold the most powerful and influential office in the land and to seek the same elective position at the same was too neat a combination not to take advantage of. The temptation however was too tempting for the tempted not to give in.

Then, there was the sad and sob exclamation of sorrow. Sorry for the lapse of judgment. Sorry for asking at least a million votes more to win. Sorry for the use of people through transactional politics. Even if illegal gambling money were made to enter the election scene. But one cannot be sorry and at the same time behave with pride and triumphalism.

Now, there is the appeal for understanding. When the executive department assumed a judicial function by acting on its own judgment before the appellate court even spoke. If such a gross discard for the standard judicial process and the common expectation of people were really right and just, why was it done surreptitiously in the dark of the night? This is very bad to be good.

There is one to many double-tasks on the part of Malacaniang. This is why the present leadership has earned the distrust of many people. This is precisely why its approval rating is at the bottom of the barrel. It is known and famous for many things - - but certainly not for honesty and integrity, nor for truth and justice. One can only wonder when and how it will all end. Meantime, the waiting is not fun.

Truly, these are the times that try men's soul. Reason revolts at believing the unacceptable. Good will cowers at believing the unbelievable. It is very painful to behold a government that has become an expert in lip-service amounting to but self-service. This is the sad case of a public trust having become a personal benefice.

It will take much more than propaganda speeches and praise releases for the present administration to gain the trust and respect specially on the part of those who have given up on it long since. And they are becoming more in the course of time.

Truly, the socio-political situation in the country under the present national leadership is becoming curiousier and curiousier.

8 January 2007