Wednesday, January 31, 2007

four – party summit

It was announced that the national leadership is calling a “Four-Party Summit” for a clean, honest and orderly election” this May 2007. For this purpose, it was said that the “Summit” would be participated in by the CBCP, the COMELEC, the Poll Watchdogs and the PNP. There was the added particular that the palace would merely facilitate the holding of the event, i.e., it would be simply an on-looker, possibly providing the usual snacks, how impressive!

The call needs much prayer and requires strong faith.

It is the standard big words, grandiose idea, and glorious vision but as usual, it is doubtful in immediate objective and dubious in its eventual goal.

The expressed purpose of the “summit” is dear and endearing. Its alleged spirit is so generous and sublime. The message is too good to be true. The bait is too nice to bite. And the underlying reason for all these big reservations is one and the same: the caller is not exactly known for having cleanly and honestly won its own election to office.

What comes to mind is the image of a spider inviting a fly to its sticky and deadly parlor. This is so good for the big spider but so bad for the tiny fly.

The call itself forwards some intriguing questions. Why is the administration itself not even a part of the summit? How come the call is not addressed to the opposition? Is there one among the CBCP, the COMELEC, the Poll Watchdogs and the PNP that is committed to a violent and deceitful election such that this should be called to a “Summit”?

The reality of the matter is that the national leadership has three fundamental liabilities: it has no tenable claim to moral ascendancy. Two, it causes too much and too deep divisions among the people. Three: it provides the reason why people praise or curse it, why political parties are simply in favor or against it.

The deep distrust and pronounced disrespect towards the national leadership on the part of a good number of people had its onset no less than some six years ago. With much solemnity it said it would not run for office. With much flair it filed it candidacy not long after. And on goes the subsequent long litany of its socio-moral misdeeds—inclusive of the infamous “Hello,” Garci” phenomenon. Now, it calls a “summit” for honesty and integrity in the forthcoming election!


31 January 2007