Thursday, January 04, 2007

Contradictions Par Excellence

The attempt to reverse the Anti-death penalty law by some members of the lower house and the recent death sentence imposed on a known dictator, brings to mind the ridiculous as well as gross contradictions of death penalty – even on account of so called “Heinous Crimes”. Irrespective of whatever real motivation drove the present administration to recently do away with death penalty in the country, the existing Pro-Life Law in the land is objectively good, right and wherefore just. Otherwise:

Contradiction One: Prior to killing someone, state issues sees to it that the condemned person is healthy! If sick, the execution will have to wait. This is not to mention the practice that before his or her death, the convicted individual is even encouraged to have a great meal.

Contradiction Two: Everything and anything are done to see to it that the person to be killed is comfortable during the killing. This includes the way the person is killed, with what he is killed, including the position he is killed. And this is strangely called “Humane” Killing!

Contradiction Three: the individual to be killed for one or more Heinous Crimes is given all the means and provided with all the opportunity to assure is or her eternal salvation, his everlasting reward, his joy and peace forever and ever!

Specifically in the case of the internationally publicized killing of a two-decade dictator with hundreds if not thousands of victims, it is good to ask some questions.

Question One: How can the killing of but one life be equal to the waste of many other lives? Can one person be really equal to hundreds of other persons?

Question Two: is it right to say that one person with many medals and recognitions, with an exalted office and much wealth should be considered equivalent to more than two, one hundred, several hundreds of other lowly individuals?

Question Three: if the objective truth is that one person is equal to but also one person, how will the many other dead persons get their justice – if not vengeance and revenge?

Death Penalty? Think again while you are alive!

4 January 2007