Friday, January 05, 2007

big fat lies

It has become so common and customary that big fat lies are so often said and widely publicized by some politicians that ordinary citizens have become numb to them. Worst still, the devious and gross misrepresentations of certain politicians have become standard practice that not few people are led to take them as unadulterated truths.

The unhealthy effect of such fallacious and odious gimmicks on the part of such politicians is basically one and the same: people in general, their constituents in particular practically worship them as their petty gods and saviors. For lying and deceiving the public these politicians get not simply the gratitude but also the adulation of the targets themselves of such vile lies and deceptions.

This has reference to the public works here and there done in certain parts of the country, in this province and that city. They come in form of bridges and streets, road repairs and waiting sheds, cheap foods and medicines. And such agenda have special relevance to relief and rehabilitation projects.

The big fat lies come in form of the ridiculous and preposterous claims of such politicians that such public welfare undertakings are at their generosity and liberality. This grossly deceitful attribution is made through shameless advertising billboards, signs and even tri-media publications.

And the biggest culprit in this dubious practice is none other than the national leadership. From housing projects to water pumps, from livelihood projects to relief goods – it claims liberality and merit for them. The presence it gives. The paradise it attends, the speeches it gives are all self-serving as if the money spent thereon came from its own pocket.

The truth is exactly the opposite. There is nothing it does and will do if the general public is not giving it the funds to do so. Anything and everything the national leadership does, is financed by public funds. And the sad truth is that much of these public funds that come from the direct and indirect taxes of every individual in the country, goes to nobody knows where--as of now at least.

This brings one to wonder if the national leadership spends even but one centavo from its own pocket for the common good. The exact opposite would be correct: it must be very grateful to the citizens for paying taxes from their birth to their death--for money to get its salary, benefits and perks among other thing.

This is the fact. This is the truth.

5 January 2007