Monday, December 11, 2006

the unfinished dance

The dance floor was cleaned. The dancers were ready. The dance band was prepared and the dance was suddenly cancelled—for another day. So it was claimed. The reasons given were both confused and confusing.

The Con-Ass proponents retreated. Yet, they issued a challenge to their oppositors to do the Cha-Cha via Con-Con. They even gave an ultimatum lest they continue with their own Cha-Cha by themselves through their favorite Con-Ass.

More strange was the claim that the national leadership had nothing to do either with the solitary Con-Ass or with its sudden withdrawal. This is taxing not only to reason but even to mere imagination. The main storyline was that the proverbial Con-ass train simply started and made to rush on without the hand of the national leadership. And it suddenly stopped and stood still for the moment also independently of its control. So convenient to say and so gross to believe.

There is the strong presumption akin to moral certitude that the challenged Senate would simply dismiss the challenging House. The reason is quite plain and simple: the House has no right to challenge the Senate, and the Senate has no obligation to even mind the challenge of the House.

In this impasse, it is not true that the ball is with the Senate. The ball remains with the House. And it is both interesting and intriguing to eventually know what the pro-administration congress would do next—under the baton of the national leadership. This is getting more interesting and curious!

For a start, the House Con-Ass is not acceptable to the general public. Then there is the norm that the House cannot Cha-Cha alone as even but a simple dance is done by a pair. Wherefore, the question: what could and would the House do next, if any? But the House might still spring up a surprise in its go for broke design of amending the Constitution—unless the national leadership itself permanently stops the now known and so-called “Cha-Cha Express”.

Will the now unfinished dance ever be finished? If so, how and when?

Abangan and susunod na kabanata.”

11 December 2006