Friday, December 15, 2006

time to go?

Perhaps the time has come for the national leadership to become some kind of a hero instead of a downright villain. By now, it should have learned the admittedly hard and painful lesson that it is neither truly meant to govern nor really capable of good governance. The logical conclusion is but-one: it appears that the time has come for the national leadership to go, to renounce the office, to move somewhere, to leave everything behind.

For a start, it faces so many serious and standing socio-moral predicaments and political adversities. It continues to be accused of lying, cheating and stealing. There is wherefore the long hanging threat of impeachment proceedings. There is the actual worsening economy notwithstanding all loud and repeated official protestations to the contrary. People’s hunger grows while their death for lack of medicine multiplies. There is not only less education available for the children but also less educated youth.

There are its often failed attempts at having power more than that allowed by law. This is not to mention its fast becoming gun-powder mentality. All these translate into many and still continuing political killings and disappearances. There are more and more rallies of dissent plus bigger and bigger marches of contempt. It has even become the target not only of creative jokes but also the object of sickening texts.

Its pretence at super regions is simply met with super typhoons. Pure coincidence or actual design, there are one too many natural disasters coupled with many man-made calamities. Illegal drugs have their markets in known cities. Illegal gambling has its sanctuary in official circles. Many of those assigned to be law-enforcers are precisely the proverbial law-breakers. For this reason, graft and corruption remain the top earners of dirty money especially under the aegis of the present government.

And there came the desperate government plan of changing the fundamental law of the land—for any and all conceivable reasons except the common welfare. There must be another planet where those possessed and obsessed proponents of CHA-CHA come from to preach that national abundance, progress and development are necessarily connected with a parliamentary form of government!

But then as the infamous “people’s initiative” was unmasked and discarded, the insistent “constituent assembly” was all of a sudden set aside on account of wide and strong contrary public outcry. In the same way, the much publicized ASEAN Summit was likewise suddenly cancelled allegedly for simple climatic reasons.

National leadership: time to go?

15 December 2006