Friday, December 01, 2006

STL: a social curse

It looks like, the present Administration does not consider that jueteng is already enough in exploiting the poor in order to enrich the crooks and its allies. In fact, it has added another form of gambling in the country to fool the gullible while favoring its avowed supporters. This is STL. It is blatantly considered legal. Simply to promote its operation and protect is operators. Now it is gambling complete and intact. There is but a hypocritical distinction between illegal and legal gambling—as if there were an ethical difference between them whereas both are equally vicious gambling forms, having the same gambling lords, using the same gambling organization, fleecing the same poor people, benefiting the same payola recipients.

There appears to be a lone ranger bent on cornering STL franchises by putting up all needed dummy corporations. There likewise seems to be a tandem that in turn is decided to control the total jueteng take in the country. And there is whispered recently formed triad that is negotiating its coveted percentage in the daily jueteng gross multi-million bets.

STL is there to cover-up for jueteng and to play the bookies. Jueteng and bookies make STL profitable. Only big crooks, infamous characters and amoral personalities can swallow and live with such corrupt syndication. There are individuals whose greed is incarnate, whose conscience is dead. They are big liabilities destructive of social welfare, order and peace,.

This is something for the Guinness Book of World Records. Every Tomas, Mario and Pablo know who are the infamous gambling lords in the country. Practically all their neighbors know their valuable properties and many companies but neither the local nor national authorities know anyone of them. Much less have any competent local and national officials to check where their unexplained wealth comes from, what taxes they pay if any. How strange but how true! Only in the Philippines!

With the introduction, promotion and protection of legal STL, illegal bookies and jueteng are envisioned to stay in the country as long as the present Administration is in power. STL, bookies, and jueteng are now a formidable composite structural gambling. The gambling syndicate is now a legalized exploiter of the poor.

As foreseen by the Krusadang Bayan Laban Sa Jueteng, it was necessary to put up the Krusadang Bayan Laban Sa Sugal. The first is intended to counter illegal gambling. The second is to fight legal gambling. The anti-gambling advocacy is also complete. The battle is joined.

1 December 2006