Monday, December 04, 2006


If signs have their meaning, carry a message or forward a warning, there is one too many big disturbing signs that both this present Administration and the country as a whole cannot but take into serious consideration. Nothing just happens for no reason. Nothing just takes place with no meaning at all. Otherwise, God would have no dominion over his creation and creatures. There is no such thing as good or bad luck. Otherwise, God would have no control over man, nature and events. This would be gross blasphemy.

With the onset of this Administration, there have been and still are too many disasters, destructions and deaths. This is certainly not meant to say these massive calamities in the nation are all its making. Neither is it intended to attribute these huge adversities to the present government. It is simply meant to issue a wake-up call to the national leadership that something could be basically wrong with its entrance into the national fabric of this country.

To mention but a fes fearful and disturbing warning signs. The bombings in the Zamboanga Mall and Davao Airport. More intense Mindanao war and NPA incursions. Magdalo mutiny and continuous unrest. Food poisoing in Bohol. Chemical poisoning in Bulacan. Ultra stamped. Southern Leyte landslide. Mindanao floodings. Mayon Volcano and Bulusan eruptions. Guimaras Oil spill. Milenyo. Reming that even merited the declaration of national calamity.

This is not to mention the mere drawing of progressive national progress contrary to the stark reality of more extensive poverty. The occurrence of more suicides, the hundred of senseless killings and strange disappearances of people from all walks of life—specially the poor and oppressed. The recurring protest rallies and marches. The sagging approval rating of the present Administration. The disdain for the desperate charter change with devious goals and through unpopular means.

“Reading the signs of the times.”

This known phrase acquires a distinct significance for the Administration as well as for the people in this country. The Philippines—whose people are mostly believers, basically simple and humble—must be dear to God. Yet, He allows them to suffer such natural calamities and man-made disasters.


4 December 2006