Wednesday, December 13, 2006

pagcor again

Pagcor appears to be the fast emerging lead agency not only in the protection of the present administration, but also in the promotion of government propaganda. Its direct appendage to the office of the national leadership with a staff function could not have been deliberately done for either innocent reason or noble cause.

This distinct Pagcor role is neither a secret nor a revelation. This fact seems to have been already long established. It already had a loud official start on the occasion of the 2004 national elections. It is enough to recall the omnipresent street cleaners with their advertising blue shirts. With the end of the elections, they were also quickly terminated—with some of them not even getting paid after having been used.

It is also said that multi-million Pagcor rake-ins go the intelligence fund of the presidential office. There seems to be the rule and practice that this particular fund is neither open nor subject to accounting. How convenient! Furthermore, it also seems that other multi-million Pagcor take-ins go to the so called presidential “social fund” whose interpretations and pursuant disbursements are anybody’s guess. How intriguing!

People say that there is a pending legislative bill to the effect that government officials are categorically forbidden to go to the Pagcor casinos. If the Philippine Gambling Corporation is that innocent and beneficial, why would such a blunt prohibition be even thought of— proposing it no less than to be made into law.

In these turbulent days and disturbing times, Pagcor appears to be altogether at the forefront in shielding the national leadership and its die-hard allies. The CBCP scheduled a prayer rally at the Luneta Park as a legitimate expression of dissent to the now infamous “Cha-Cha express” through an aptly called “Con-Ass”. After several meetings and consultations with many sectors of society, the gathering was scheduled for 15 December 2006.

Lo and behold, when CBCP representatives were making the usual arrangements with the Luneta officials, they were told that Pagcor already had the place reserved specifically on 15 December 2006. How interesting! How timely! How coincidental!

A gambling corporation is stopping a prayer rally. A corporate promoter of vice is driving away a socio-spiritual gathering. There is always a first time. The present administration has a good record of having many dubious firsts—except in corruption which merely ranked second in Asia.

13 December 2006